Italian engineered wood flooring is usually worldwide perceived like a parquet made of high quality materials, accurate finishes and interesting designs. But what’s behind all this? In this article we will explore the most common woods used, designs and working processes. Are you picturing yourself the image of a very patient craftsman working on wood finishes by hand, tile after tile? Well, that’s not very far from reality.

Modern wood floors, Italian parquet

If we think about the process of wood flooring manufacturing, first of all, we need to think about the choice of woods. Italian parquet flooring is usually made of European Oak, although materials like European walnut, chestnut and ash are widely used.

A high standard of quality control over all steps of parquet flooring manufacturing is another key element for made in Italy parquets: from the choices of materials to craftsman production, finishes and laying. Italian luxury flooring is typically bespoke flooring from beginning to end, making your house your personal statement, memorable to friends and visitors. Italian flooring design combines modern trends with ancient classical patterns, using handcrafted finishes and unlimited creativity, accurately mixing high quality wood with materials like marble and metal.

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