We all dream about luxury homes. But what does it really make up luxury estate homes and, in our case, a luxury parquet?

First of all, luxury parquet flooring starts from high quality and rare materials such as teak or palissander and some other exotic timber. The more rare the parquet panels, the more expensive and luxurious it is. Secondly, it is about artisan work, hand made inlays, unique colors and drawings, creative compositions. Craftsman work can become very complicated, assembling and designing floors made by different materials such as steel, marble and stones. Third of all, it is all about custom made, bespoke flooring: clients and architects work together to design a floor that gives added value and beauty to villas, residential and holidays homes.

Architects and Interior Designers working with luxury real estate are always on the look to combine modern and unique wood flooring with great design, because wood is a material that builds exclusive and sophisticated atmospheres for homes. Geometric and unique patterns, hand made inlays and special wood treatments are the most frequently asked and preferred procedures for high end clients. Motus Legno is constantly working with passion and dedication to improve quality and procedures, in order to keeping up with clients’ high expectations.